Meet the Orb Team

When we’re not out on our bikes “testing” our products, we’re hard at work coming up with the next innovation in the Orb line-up.

Andrew Phillips


Orb creator, and Director of Blockhaus Cycles, Andrew has been dodging taxis, buses, and HGVs in Manchester and London for around a decade. The majority of his riding now is training for ultra-endurance racing, thinking-time in the saddle is spent solving problems, and creating and testing new products.

Rob Gardiner


Website builder, gear tester, and first signing for Team Orb Racing. Rob has cycled on five continents, and traversed the length of Europe in 19 days, 11 hours, 5 minutes, setting a World Record in the process.  Proudly sponsored by Orb and in support of African Parks.

Jeff Douglas


Official Orb cameraman, and Team Orb Racing member. Jeff spent much of 2017 cycling around London with a GoPro on a b(r)oom attached to his bike filming The Orb for Kickstarter.

Alessandro Animali


‘The Animal’ is our man in Italy, Alessandro is the only Team Orb member to be able to wheelie with conviction (see picture). His links with the Italian cycling world have seen the Orb become a regular sight at Cyclocross events around the country, and Orb lights can be found on pro and semi-pro bikes around Italy.

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